Efficient Lab-Tested Analytics Procedures To Guide Your Business Processes


Deep Segmentation

Slice and dice your traffic to know what kind of visitors convert, how they convert and where they’re coming from

Cross Platform Analysis

Different customers use different devices and their behavior across them varies

Ad-Performance Metrics

Examine your PPC spending and see if you’re really getting the returns you need

Track Offline Marketing

Bring in your Radio, TV and Print campaigns – it’s all measurable

Fine Tune E-commerce

Some products and services will do better than others – do you know which ones are advancing your store?

Insights From Search

User searches get very specific after they reach your site – get insights from your internal search engine

Funnel Wide Attribution

Each part of your funnel plays an important role in getting a customer, so each must be assigned a dollar value


The Truth From The Trenches

Operations and business decisions lie beyond numbers and graphs

Analytics is something that can get very complicated really quickly. Entrepreneurs and executives can either run their businesses, or get stuck trying to figure out analysis platforms.

This is especially true in the online world - where data flows fast, numbers change while visitors are scrolling, and CMOs run out of gas coping up!

As a digital analytics consultancy, we can help. The platforms we use give us flexibility - with scope and size. They are smooth when optimizing a small site, but also robust enough to analyze an entire conglomerate.

Our analysis methodology is tested constantly. Implementations that pass our tests are applied to real projects, freeing you to focus on execution.

  • Time-To-Forecast

    Leave the guesswork - know a campaign's future in half the time

  • Specialization

    70% more in-depth reporting due to deep segmentation

  • Save  Capital

    Upto 45% marketing budget optimization possible

  • Get  Ahead

    Less than 3 in 10 companies are strong on analytics

The Process

What to expect as a client?
Step 1
Business Briefing
The first step is knowing your business – whether you’re established or a startup, the company structure, what products and services you offer, your current sales cycle, difficulties faced etc.
Analytics Setup
Setting up your analytics account with the right profiles in place and the tracking code installed as needed. Clients who already use analytics may need a data integration, if possible.
Initial Analysis
As data starts to flow into the profiles, initial reports on traffic and visitor flow show how your business is inertacted with. Common entry and exit points become obvious.
This phase is about modifications. New campaigns (online and offline), content changes, site search reporting, location targeting, referral tracking – all of it happens here.
This is where the guesswork starts reducing. Advanced conversion analysis and source attribution are done. A positive direction is set, based on tests and adjustments.
Steps 3 to 5 will be repeated until you’re doing more of the things that were profitable. As you improve, best practices will be cemented into your work-flow.

Pricing is negotiable and generally performance based. You need to pay only a small monthly amount during the contract period. The rest would be a percentage of increase in your total revenue.

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