Terms of Service

Last updated:  April 10, 2017


This document aims to give an outline of the terms in the “Service Contract” that a client has to sign in order to do business with Analytics.GA, and to use its “Analytics Consultation and Implementation” services. The outline presents an idea of what terms to expect as a client, so you may know the manner in which the service(s) will be delivered and what fee structure is involved.

This document does NOT take into account any other agreements which we may have to sign apart from the Service Contract, because such agreements vary according to the nature of the industry the client is in, and what their specific needs are.

Please note that if a client’s case warrants appropriate modifications and/or additions to these terms, then such changes would become applicable to their project once approved by the Director/Chief Analyst at Analytics.GA. Those changes would be valid for the project-specific Service Contract governing their project.


The following are the terms that will form the backbone of the Service Contract:

a) The first step of the project (mostly, this is Business Briefing) will commence only after the Service Contract and any other required agreements have been verified and signed by both sides. This step would be followed by the Analytics Structure being finalized and setup. Only after that can any analysis commence and adjustments be made.

Project deliverables include:

(i) Analytics Architecture
(ii) Tag Implementations
(iii) Spam protected web-root and/or analytics profiles
(iv) Reports
(v) Recommendations
(vi) Telephone Consultations (and Face-to-Face Consultations if you are local)
(vii) Process Charts
(viii) A Summary Sheet at the end of each month

Updates about the progress of a project will be made available at a client-specific page on this site.

b) The client must agree to allow Analytics.GA access to their Admin Panel/Control Panel (for online businesses), Analytics Account (as Administrator), relevant containers in their GTM (Google Tag Manager) and/or other Tag Manager Account, Business Data, Marketing Data, Revenue Ledgers and Financial Reports including the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement.

If access to Financial Reports is not possible, then the “Total Revenue” figure shown by the Analytics Account and picked depending upon the Analytics architecture will be taken as a measure of your revenue, for the purposes of the “Service Contract”.

c) The client must permit Analytics.GA to take part in budget decisions relating to marketing and analytics, within their business.

d) Compensation payable to Analytics.GA – for projects involving On-going Analysis, Regular Consultation and (if needed) Data Integration – will be broken down as follows:

A fixed monthly amount

(payable in the first five days of each month during the contract period)


10% of Total Revenue

(payable at the end of the project for projects of upto 6 months duration
payable quarterly for projects exceeding 6 months duration)


Sometimes it may take a project more time than the assigned work period or project duration to yield a profit. In such cases, you may make the monthly payments at their usual time (needed only during the assigned work period) and the 10% of revenue when the profit materializes. Till then, you will have to grant Analytics.GA full access to your Financial Statement and all other permissions as stated in point “b)” above.

e) Compensation payable to Analytics.GA – for projects involving only Implementation [ i.e. Architecture-Setup, Tracking Deployment and (if needed) Data Integration] – would be the amount negotiated according to the size of your organization, complexity of the tracking deployed and complexity of the integration involved. This would be a one-time payment.

f) During the project, adjustments to your marketing campaigns, analysis methods, marketing and advertising spending, testing procedures and other aspects of your business that relate directly or indirectly to Analytics, are quite likely. The client has to co-operate with Analytics.GA, because sometimes changes to existing ideas and work-flow can cause delays and irregularity in the functioning of other departments/sections of the business. As a rule of thumb, keep some cushion as you plan the working of other departments.

g) Some changes made by Analytics.GA may result in a profit, others may lead to negative results. Although Analytics.GA will try its best to implement proven methods wherever possible, not all procedures are fit for every business type in every industry. A client will have to take on responsibility of viewing these changes objectively and moving ahead with the process as it happens, without letting the ups-and-downs deter them from continuing to work with the contract (to completion), unless such continuation lies outside the bounds of the client’s or Analytics.GA’s capacity for risk.

h) The aim of working with Analytics.GA is to develop your analytics into a strength that improves your business. In that regard, Analytics.GA will put in effort with the intention of bettering its clients’ businesses.

However, if by the end of the project, zero positive change is observed to the ROI of your marketing, then the “10% of Revenue” part of the compensation, left payable to Analytics.GA, is waived off. Also, if your expenditures absorb too much of your Revenue such that your Overall (Net) Revenue only improves by less than 15% of the original, then the “10% of Revenue” part of the compensation, left payable to Analytics.GA, is waived off.

i) Analytics.GA does not aim to turn your business downward and run it into a loss or cause your business damage of any kind. However, if for some reason such a thing happens, Analytics.GA will not be able to compensate you for any loss or damages. The best help that can be provided (if possible and feasible) is in the form of an attempt to turn the loss around (with your permission and at your own risk). The other thing that can be done to help you is that if you are unable to come out of such loss, then all of the remaining compensation that was agreed to, according to the Service Contract, will be waived off.


It is imperative for all clients of Analytics.GA to follow the Terms of Service in the Service Contract they sign with it, and also to accept the information and terms laid down in the following documents on this site:

(i) Privacy Policy
(ii) Terms of Use
(iii) Disclaimers
(iv) Legal Matters


Due to the nature of these Terms and the Internet, Analytics.GA will not be able to contact individuals who have visited the website individually in order to notify them of changes to the Terms. However, the most recent version of the Terms will be made continuously available, barring unforeseen technical issues, at the Terms of Service webpage on the analytics.ga website, and the most recent revision date will be posted on each such instance of the Terms of Service.

If you signed a Service Contract with Analytics.GA, prior to such changes taking effect, then either those changes won’t have any impact on your contract, OR, they may have some impact of which you will be informed and in such instances, if you feel there is a better alternative than proceeding with the changes in your case (or if you don’t want the changes implemented entirely), then the matter may be discussed with the Director/Chief Analyst at Analytics.GA, who will examine the situation and decide how we shall proceed with the contract – as is, or with modifications.


A representative from Analytics.GA can be contacted with questions, regarding its Terms of Service through the “Get in Touch” Form on the analytics.ga website.

Analytics.GA can also be contacted by e-mail at support@analytics.ga